Majoitu mukavasti Kuusamossa

rauhallinen ympäristö
mukavat unet loma-asunnoissa
takkatulen loimussa
talviaktiviteettien äärellä
kuusamon keskustan läheisyydessä
viihtyisät loma-asunnot
vuoden ympäri
tasokkaat loma-asunnot
talviurheilureittien varella


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Monipuoliset Suomenhevosohjelmat.
Maastoratsastus, rekiajelut ja kokoperheen hevosohjelmat.

Meet the Traditional Finnhorses!!

Activities close by

345x250-v-pilkki.jpgOn the neighbouring area the activities will be found around the year to the holidaymaker. Also the canoes, rowing-boat, beaches, campfire places and hut are used by our customers. From Ski bus stop at the end of the walk one gets to Ruka directly.

There are lots of activities in Petäjävillage and Petäjälampi pond area. Spacious yard and surroundings offer a safe outdoor area for families. In the summer, camp-fire sites, beaches and lakeside saunas are in frequent use. There is also a caravan and camping site in the area during the summer.

During the winter, there are tranquil footpaths, signed skiing tracks, snowshoe tracks and snowmobile tracks nearby. During the summer, sawdust tracks and cycling and hiking routes are within easy reach.

Activities in neighbour

The neighbouring Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki offers spa and restaurant services with diverse activities, spa and treatment services, restaurants, bars, and cafes to keep hunger at bay. The Sports Bar offers a bowling alley, frisbee golf course, and tennis court for your holiday enjoyment - while your children can have the time of their lives in the neighbouring Angry Birds Park.

14062014467.jpgIn Petäjälampi area

Hotel Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki with its spa and restaurant services and treatmet section are within walking distance. Next to the hotel is a new Colf arena and a bowling alley and a tennis court. The city centre is 5 kilometres away.

Activities near by

  • Spa and treatment department
  • Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki 300m
  • Restaurant and café 300m
  • Golf 400m
  • Frisbee golf field 400m
  • Bowling alley, sport hall 300 km
  • Angry bird activity park

IMG_2638 (1280x855).jpgOutdoor activites

  • Skiing, snowshoe and outdoor routes and tracks 100 m
  • Snowmobile tracks 100m
  • Lake and Beach 100m

Unforgettable horse activities

Our family-run enterprise, Ruska Laukka, provides riding trips, trekking, and other horse-related fun with their mild-mannered Finnish horses. We also arrange rides by horse to an authentic reindeer farm, ask for more information! For more info about the horse-related activities, visit

Hotel Kuusanka

Ouluntaival 2
93600 Kuusamo

+358 40 564 5718

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